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Dragon Quest Heroes' first gameplay footage revealed

Dynasty Warriors takes on the vaunted JRPG series.
Square Enix and Koei debuted the first in-game footage of Dragon Quest Heroes at TGS this week.

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New Alien Isolation trailer released

Creative Assembly game set for release on October 7.
Sega has released the latest in its 'How Will You Survive?' series of Alien Isolation trailers, entitled Hear You Scream.

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Battleborn video offers 15 minutes of co-op

Gearbox's "hero shooter" shows its unique personality.
Gearbox Studios has released a nearly 15-minute developer commentated video walkthrough of its upcoming "hero shooter", Battleborn.

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UK PS4 sales jump 300% in Destiny launch week

Console doubles Xbox One sales to post its biggest week of the year.
UK PS4 sales reportedly jumped 300 per cent last week, driven by the release of Destiny.

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New DriveClub PS4 hardware bundles revealed

One comes with the recently released white console.
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced two additional DriveClub PS4 hardware bundles.

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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax dated for November in Europe

Expanded fighting game adds new characters, styles.
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will release in Europe in November, Atlus and Sega announced on Friday.

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