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Ever since Shadows of the Empire, Hoth levels have always been the best. Looks like Battlefront will keep that going. Speeder bikes are great for hair-raising chases, and also for slamming into trees. Darth Vader is looking rather polished for his return to ground combat. It makes you wonder what on Tatooine could possibly be worth all this fighting. It's good to see that the Rebel Alliance's species diversity is being represented. Looks like that AT-ST is none too pleased about whatever those rebels are doing. The familiar forest moon is looking fine. Here's the final look at in in-game Stormtrooper which EA had been teasing out in bits on its Instagram account. @bravoINTEL are at the Star Wars celebration already and tweeting out pictures of game art. Another piece of Star Wars Battlefront art via @bravoINTEL This is an interesting shot from EA's Peter Moore. He tweeted it then quickly deleted it. Possibly because that's an as yet unrevealed ship behind him. It looks like an EA montage poster - is that Faith from Mirrors Edge's leg up top and a Burnout/Need For Speed car below? The second teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (aka Episode VII) has just blasted into hyperspace. It doesn’t tell us a great deal about the plot – it is a JJ Abrams movie, after all – but there are a few clues about what to expect when the movie arrives in December. We’ve looked through the key moments in the trailer to try and work out what’s going on. May the Force be with us… Turns out that desert planet in the first trailer wasn’t Tatooine at all, but new Star Wars world Jakku – a graveyard for ships. We wouldn’t mind betting that the fast-moving silver blob in the bottom left of the frame is Rey (Daisy Ridley) on the landspeeder (or "bumper car") we saw in the first trailer. She told the The Force Awakens panel at Star Wars Celebration that she’s a “self-sufficient” scavenger, and it looks like she’s found a pretty big haul… This has to be up there with the coolest shots in the history of the Star Wars franchise. A crashed X-Wing! And a crashed Star Destroyer! We’d love to see the battle that led to this carnage. The Star Wars Battlefront announcement at Celebration has revealed more about the new planet of Jakku. It was the site of the Battle of Jakku, a "pivotal moment" when the New Republic went up against Imperial holdouts on the Outer Rim planet in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor at the end of Return Of The Jedi. Apparently players of the game will see first hand the events that led to the battle-scarred landscape of the planet. We're just speculating here but who knows, we may even get to see the skirmish that downed the X-Wing and Star Destroyer we see in the previous frame.

This also suggests that, in the new post-Return Of The Jedi chronology, the Rebel Alliance will become the New Republic as it did in the old Expanded Universe – and that, as before, Imperial outposts will remain throughout the galaxy...

"The Force is strong in my family,” says Luke Skywalker in a recycled line from Return Of The Jedi. “My father has it…” he continues, as his dad Darth Vader’s charred helmet is revealed.

Unashamed speculation: Does the Anakin Force ghost we saw at the end of Jedi still come and visit his boy? Could Hayden Christensen make an unlikely return to the franchise? Could Vader return by some other means?

R2-D2 makes an appearance, and we think that might be Luke tapping him on the head. He did lose his right hand in The Empire Strikes Back, has shown himself to have a penchant for hoods, and his voiceover says “I have it” around about now. Question is, what happened to the skin on his hand? These days he can’t even be bothered to wear a glove. Has he fallen on hard times? Someone’s found a lightsaber – rumour has it that a lightsaber will be the movie’s McGuffin – and by the looks of things they’re not human. Look closely at the face and there’s something rather feline about it. The lightsaber finder is handing it to someone we think is Princess Leia – that would certainly fit with Luke saying “my sister has it” in his narration. We’re wondering, though, who he’s referring to when he says, “You have that power too.”* Presumably said he/she is Luke or Leia’s kid.

*This is a crafty re-edit of Luke’s lines in Jedi – “You have that power too” originally came before “The Force runs strong in my family”, and referred to Leia.

X-Wings. In formation. Over water. Looks cool.

These are the new generation T-70 X-Wing craft, and they belong to Resistance (not Rebel Alliance) forces. Now we know that the Rebel Alliance becomes the New Republic, however, we're wondering when and how the New Republic evolves into the Resistance

Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron clearly enjoys his gig as an X-Wing pilot. Isaac revealed at Star Wars Celebration that his character (“the best frickin’ pilot in the galaxy”) is sent on a mission by a princess (wonder who that could be), and that he meets John Boyega’s character, Finn, along the way. The Celebration panel implied that Poe, Finn and Rey would form the central trio of the movie, this generation’s Han, Luke and Leia. Rey, Finn and spherical droid BB-8 do their best Usain Bolt impression. This is our first glimpse of Finn out of his Stormtrooper uniform. Everything we've seen so far suggests so far suggests he's a Stormtrooper who deserts. Also note the TIE Fighter in the top left corner of the shot. Previously only viewed from the back, we now get a frontal sighting of triple-pronged lightsaber bearer Kylo Ren – from the way he’s waving his hand around, we think it’s a safe bet he feels the Force. Could it be Girls' Adam Driver behind the mask? He also works with Stormtroopers. One of the most intriguing shots in the trailer. These new-look Stormtroopers work for the First Order rather than the Empire – the logo on the red curtain looks like simplified riff on Imperial insignia, so presumably the First Order fill a gap left behind by the Empire.

Who’s the person holding court on stage? Our bets would be on Max Von Sydow’s as-yet unconfirmed character. (Or maybe the Dark Side practioner played by Andy Serkis who voiced the first The Force Awakens trailer. And where’s the icy planet they’re hanging out? It couldn’t be Hoth, could it?

Turns out TIE fighters come in a new black livery – with snazzy white wings – these days. They still make the same noise. It looks to us like this TIE Fighter is firing on the Stormtroopers in the hangar – very odd. Is it a lone spacecraft gone rogue? (Maybe it's Finn in the process of deserting?) Or are there now factions among the old Imperial ranks? John Boyega confirmed at Star Wars Celebration that yes, Finn really is a Stormtrooper, and not just a guy in disguise. And that’s what Star Destroyers look like when they’re in space. (Note the Imperial Shuttle-type craft in the foreground.) If Daft Punk did Stormtroopers, they’d look like this person. We wonder if it's Gwendoline Christie under the helmet – after Game Of Thrones she has plenty of experience of looking cool in armour. Yep, BB-8 is still cute – and Star Wars Celebration showed the impressive live-action prop in action. It looks to us like he’s lurking on the Millennium Falcon. It’s Daisy Ridley’s Rey… …and she seems to be giving Finn a helping hand. From his reaction, it looks like this could be an early encounter between the pair. The Millennium Falcon flying into a wrecked Star Destroyer pursued by a TIE Fighter? Do trailers get any better than this? Just as Stormtroopers have had an upgrade, so have TIE Fighter pilots. The Millennium Falcon has previous experience of flying through tight spaces inside Imperial spacecraft. “Chewie, we’re home,” says Han Solo as the BFFs board the Millennium Falcon. But why is Chewie brandishing his bowcaster? Are there hostiles on board? Why is Han wearing your dad's leather jacket? And why have the duo been away from their ship? All will hopefully be revealed on 18 December 2015…

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