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The Last of Us Remastered video shows off Photo Mode

PS4 game launches Tuesday in the US and later this week in Europe.
Naughty Dog has released a The Last of Us Remastered video tutorial for the game's new Photo Mode.

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Feast your eyes on this beautiful 'GayStation' PS4

Charity auction bids already surpassing £900.
The week-long Stockholm Pride Festival kicks off today, and to mark the occasion a retailer is auctioning this custom rainbow flag coloured PS4.

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New Rainbow Six Siege gameplay footage released

Watch a few rounds of Hostage Rescue on the game's Boston Suburbs map.
Below you'll find a new Rainbow Six Siege gameplay video featuring 30 minutes of fresh footage of Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming title.

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Next Mass Effect said to be 'years away' as new details emerge

Redesigned Mako vehicle to return in fourth series entry; old characters may return.
BioWare's next-generation Mass Effect project is years away from completion, according to the game's producer Mike Gamble.

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Acclaimed puzzle game The Swapper set for Wii U

PC title expands to more platforms.
The Swapper, an acclaimed puzzle adventure from young indie studio Facepalm Games, is due to ship on Nintendo's Wii U platform by the end of the year.

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Review: The Last of Us Remastered is worthy of its name

With remakes this good, who needs new games?.
Many would argue that Naughty Dog's powerful, bleak survival thriller was last year's best game; indeed, it rather overshadowed the launch titles for the eighth generation of consoles, proving that last-gen hardware still had plenty to offer.

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