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Doctor Strange Comic Con trailer is a trippy trek into the Sorcerer Supreme's world - watch it here

Despite assurances that none of the footage screened at its Hall H panel would make its way online, Marvel promptly thought 'to hell with it' and released the second Doctor Strange trailer almost as soon as it debuted at San Diego Comic Con

Even Kojima wants to play Pokémon Go (although he feels left behind and doesn't care about Pikachu)

One interesting thing to come out of San Diego Comic Con has been Hideo Kojima's view on Pokémon Go

Death Stranding's production report sounds like it's all early days so far according to Kojima

Kojima's been talking about Death Stranding at San Diego Comic Con and apart from Ludens' origins and a new Kojima Production logo trailer,  it sounds like it's all super early prototype days for whatever the game ends up being

Black Panther confirms three new cast members and January 2017 start date

Since Black Panther made his debut in Captain America: Civil War, we've heard a lot of talk about potential cast mates joining him for his solo venture

The Lego Batman Movie trailer is by far the funniest Comic Con teaser of 2016

Will Arnett's gravelly-voiced Dark Knight stole the show in last year's The Lego Movie

Kojima explains Luden's character creation and how it's him in the suit, not Norman Reedus

Kojima's been speaking at San Diego Comic Con and giving out more info about the logo of his production company

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