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Indie sci-fi adventure 'Alone With You' revealed for PlayStation

From Benjamin Rivers, maker of 2D horror game Home.
Alone With You is a new sci-fi adventure game coming the "PlayStation" in 2015.

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Assassin's Creed Unity delayed into November

Release date pushed back two weeks.
Ubisoft has pushed back Assassin's Creed Unity's release date by two weeks.

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GTA Online updates exceed 12GB PS3 storage

Users must upgrade or play game offline.
Owners of the 12 GB PS3 system must either upgrade their hard drive to continue playing Grand Theft Auto V or play the game solely offline, Rockstar has revealed in a support page.

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Star Wars teased for Disney Infinity in 2015

"2015 is not so far, far away anymore, is it?".
Key staff behind Disney Infinity 2.0 have teased Star Wars coming to the cross-franchise toys-to-life game in 2015.

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix trailer debuts Final Mix additions

New content previously exclusive to Japanese releases.
A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix runs down the new bosses, cinematics, weapons and more that Western players will discover.

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Project Cars PS4 footage speeds through Brands Hatch

Slightly Mad Studios' racer coming in November.
Project Cars hits the track on PS4 in this new gameplay video, showing a race around the Brands Hatch circuit from start to finish.

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