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Daisy Ridley knows the name of Star Wars 8, but she's not telling

Update: August 27, 2016 If you thought the few people who would know the name of Star Wars 8 by now would be the cast, you were wrong because Daisy Ridley has admitted that although she's heard a title

Captain America: Civil War cast are having all the fun in this gag reel

Marvel movies mean big business. They've raked in billions of dollars across the world, and that lev ...

No Man's Sky seems to be wiping players' discoveries and it really sucks

Your discoveries in No Man's Sky are supposed to be your permanent (if incalculably minute) mark on its vast universe, but they might already be gone

Titanfall 2 gets a macho callsign for test event players

Want to simultaneously show off your early Titanfall 2 adopter status and your support for manly friendships between humans and robots? Respawn Entertainment is offering this callsign for the full game to everybody who plays during the Titanfall 2 tech test Amped Happy Hour event: Dillon would approve

Gears of War 4 scores the composer from Game of Thrones, Pacific Rim, and the Warcraft movie

Gears of War 4 is a big investment for Microsoft-owned developer The Coalition

Star Wars' infamous clumsy stormtrooper - aka Michael Leader - has died

Fans of Star Wars: A New Hope will no doubt remember a certain scene in which a clumsy stormtrooper bangs his head on a Death Star doorway, a moment which has since gone on to become one of the most infamous movie mistakes of all time

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