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50 bizarre and brilliant game Easter eggs

The weirdest and silliest references hidden away by developers.
Easter eggs are a much-loved tradition in gaming, in which cheeky developers leave behind carefully hidden in-jokes in their games and the player, upon finding them, feels like they're in on the gag.

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Bound by Flame screenshots show party members

Action RPG planned for release on May 9.
The hero of Bound by Flame is never truly alone thanks to demonic possession, but the mercenary won't have to fight the rest of his or her battles alone.

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Evolve trailer teases interactive, full-match video

See the game unfold from each player's perspective.
Evolve's hunters track down and get slaughtered by a monster in this teaser for an upcoming "interactive trailer".

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Arc System Works teases BloodRayne reveal

More information on "BRCS" coming Wednesday.
BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena developer Arc System Works is teasing a BloodRayne related reveal scheduled for Wednesday.

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Cel Damage HD out Tuesday on PS3, PS4, Vita

European release date coming soon.
Cartoon car combat game Cel Damage HD will release on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita next week.

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Octodad hits PS4 next week

Secret octopus arrives on Tuesday/Wednesday.
Slapstick physics game Octodad: Dadliest Catch will release on PS4 next week, developer Young Horses announced Friday.

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