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CoD: Ghosts personalization DLC and Snoop voice released - trailer

New customization options and first ever Voice Packs.
New Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC has been released on Xbox Live in the form of new personalization packs and the first ever voice packs which add vocals from rap legend Snoop Dogg.

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Epic working on high-end console game

Three projects also include Fortnite, mobile title.
Epic Games has three games in development: Fortnite, a mobile game, and a high-end title meant to show off the new generation of consoles.

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Three hours with Watch Dogs: Multiplayer, hacking and insane side-missions

Chicago's big, but how much have you seen before?.
Let's assume, just for the time it takes to read 1000 words or so, that you're unimpressed by the cautionary tale of a digitally overrun society offered by Watch Dogs.

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Live: Watch Wolfenstein New Order gameplay from 7pm BST/11am PDT

Bethesda set to host live stream on Thursday.
Bethesda will host a live streaming gameplay session of Wolfenstein: The New Order on Thursday.

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Updated: Our most epic TowerFall moments in gif form

Relive the glorious highs, the scintillating comebacks and the crazy random moments.
CVG thinks TowerFall is simply amazing. A genuine game of the year contender. A four-player experience as magical as Mario Kart, GoldenEye, Smash Bros, Halo, and Street Fighter. Seriously, play it.

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Killzone Shadow Fall update released

1.14 patch paves way for upcoming DLC, makes tweaks and bug fixes.
Guerrilla Games has released a new Killzone Shadow Fall update, NeoGAF users report.

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